Wagon Queen Family Truckster - LEGO

"Now, I owe it to myself to tell you that if you're taking the whole tribe cross-country, the Wagon Queen Family Truckster..." Ah the Family Truckster. The official vehicle of the Griswold Family Vacation. "Believe me if you hate it now... Wait till you drive it." Just a ton of great lines in that film. I stumped across this entry on one of my favorite LEGO blogs and knew it was On Screen Cars material. Flickr user -derjoe- did a great job of not only capturing the family, but the ride as well. Obviously this scene is after Aunt Edna passed away. Note that she's on top. Many extras on the car. Not to mention the quad headlights, the roof rack and the brown brick representing the simulated woodgrain panels. It's all 80's here folks. Besure to check out some of their other creations on Flickr. Who's the Moosiest Moose We Know?... ah here I go again. See ya folks.


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Uncle Buck - 1975 Mercury Marquis Brougham

Last minute arrangements leave you under the care and supervision of John Candy's character Uncle Buck. Sounds like a party doesn't? Well maybe not if you're Tina a teenage high schooler portrayed by Jean Louisa Kelly. But for good reason. Uncle Buck is going to be driving you around in his beat up float boat, brown turd looking street cruising machine for all your friends to see. He'll drive you to school in all it's smoking glory.That's right OnScreenCars.com is proud to present Uncle Bucks's pride and joy the mighty fine 1975 Mercury Marquis. Hold your ears and wait for the bang! But let's rewind time a little bit and look at what Uncle Buck or the previous owner may have started with.

"Bug: Ever hear of a tune-up? Hee hee hee hee hee. Buck: Ah, heh heh heh. Ever hear of a ritual killing? Ah, heh heh heh heh heh Bug: I don't get it. Buck: You gnaw on her face in public like that again and you'll be one. Ah, heh heh heh heh! "

From the factory the 1975 Mercury Marquis was your typical big american land yacht of a car. The Marquis was the sister car to the Ford LTD. While the boys in blue hauled the bad boys in the Ford, business-persons where being floated along down the street in luxury. 1975 was the first year of the luxurious Grand Marquis trim level. Two engines were available this year, 460 V8 Ford BB and 400 V8 from the Cleveland family. No shortage of power to move this beast around. Something noteworthy, this was the first year for catalytic converters. This was nearing the end of an era of gas drinking beasts. Not to mention the mid-dawn of cautious insurance companies and strict government regulations. Dispite all of that mess the Mercury Marquis was voted over Olds 98 LS and Cadillac's Sedan de Ville in 1975, 1976. Check out this great video of a pristine looking 1975 Mercury Marquis. Now to clear up any confusion.

"Stand me up today and tomorrow I'll drive you to school in my robe and pajamas and WALK you to your first class. 4:00 okay?" - Uncle Buck

Uncle Buck's car was a base model four-door Mercury Marquis Brougham not a Grand Mercury Marquis. Complete with smoking exhaust, back firing V8, ripped up interior, banged up body, large CB ball mount antenna on the rear driver's quarter panel and CB radio sticking out of the glove box. Let's not forget about years of dust and dirt coating the exterior of the car. I love the classic scene (see the clip below) of Uncle Buck dropping his niece Tina off at high school. The car comes smoking furiously down the street as it turns into the drop off lane. Kids are coughing and gagging on the exhaust flumes. All the while Buck is paused and waiting for that magical back fire that sounds like a cannon going on. Then BOOM! Everyone hits the ground like their being shot at. If that doesn't embarrassed you nothing will.

Just a classic scene. There were some other notable scenes from the movie involving the car. But much more of the same and I'm out of time today. But look forward to seeing more from us here at OnScreenCars.com!


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