Movie Posters - Bullitt

It's amazing how many different movie posters for a single movie are created. Between multiple taglines, releases, and languages. It's no wonder there are so many posters. The ionic 1968 cult-classic Bullitt starting legendary Steve McQueen is no exception.

The poster featured above is the most popular poster for the film. The current DVD release (Amazon) uses the poster for the cover. This work of art was created by famous french artist Michel Landi. Landi was known in France and abroad for his work on movie posters. He was known to work in with thick oil in long strokes of color. This poster however varies a lot from his regular work. Notice the white background with little color. However this poster is considered the high-point of his career. The 1960's were a point of change in the movie poster industry. Photography and offset printing would soon replace lithograph artist like Landi. Which is such a shame. The posters of the time were timeless. Take a moment to see the difference between all of these posters. Very interesting stuff! Below are some of the other great posters of the film. We'll catch ya next time on On Screen Cars!

Japanese Poster for Bullitt Alternative Poster with Tagline: "There are bad cops and there are good cops - and then there's Bullitt." Polish Release Poster Spanish Release Poster

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Facebook - Car Town - TV and Movie Car Templates

Are you addicted to Car Town yet? I know we are. I thought I would mention some of the great templates created by fellow Car Town gamers. Check out some of these awsome TV and Movie car designs. Great job guys! Links to sources below each picture. If you ask the artist nicely, I'm sure you can get a hold of the template for your favorite TV/Movie car.

Looking for more Car Town TV and Movie Car Templates? Check out our next batch!


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Events - Delorean Car Show 2010 - Lexington, KY

Great Scott! The 2010 Delorean Car Show is almost here! Great Scott! It's in Lexington, KY! We're excited to report that this year's DCS event will be held June 17th - June 20th at the Griffin Gate Marriott Resort and Spa. We're making plans to attend and give as much support as we can. Not to mention bring as much media coverage of the event as possible! This will be our first DCS event to date. But from our understanding, we're in for a treat.

The Delorean Car Show features a huge gathering of Deloreans from around the world. During the event, a private collection of Delorean Motor Company artifacts will be on display. Of course there will be a Back to the Future display. Rumors have been confirmed that Bob Gale, co-writer and producer of Back to the Future will be at the event. Other speakers include Kevin Pike & Andrew Probert of the Back to the Future production team. As you may know, Andrew was a major contributor to DeLorean time machine design. Kevin Pike was the Special Effects Supervisor for the films. I know I have only dreamed of meeting these gifted people. It will be an exciting time! You can find out more about the event on the Official Delorean Car Show site. See you in the future!

Reference: Official Site, Facebook


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The Bounty Hunter - 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale

Life as a bounty hunter is no easy job. You're either running from thugs or you're running after thugs. You've gotta have the right equipment, skills and people. Oh yea. Not to mention a nice set of dependable wheels. After recently seeing the "Bounty Hunter" We knew that had to feature the sweet and rare 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale convertible driven by actor Gerald Butler. Oh yea, not to mention his attractive co-star Jennifer Aniston riding shotgun throughout most of the film.

The Film

For those who have not seen the film. Let me give you a short run down about what it's about. I'll try my best not to ruin it for ya. Basically Butler plays a Bounty Hunter named Milo Boyd. Aniston plays his ex-wife, Nicole Hurley who is a hot shot news reporter. Milo is given a rare opportunity to seek revenge on Nicole, by bringing her in on a bond. Much to Milo's surprise the task is not as easy as he thought it would be. The whole mounting story involves lots of bad guys, dirty cops, etc all taking place in Atlantic City, NJ. Moving on, let's talk about the car. After all that's what we're here for right?

The Car

Like I said before. The car is a 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale convertible. What makes it rare are the lower production numbers for this model. From the research over at, a little over 7,000 Royale convertibles were made. This car was part of the 8th generation Delta 88 body style, which ran from 1971 - 1976. The Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale came with three engine options 350 V8, 455 'Rocket' V8 and the 400 V8 with 2 barrel carburetor. 1975 was the last year the convertible option was available for the Oldsmobile Delta 88. It was said then, that it would be the last Oldsmobile convertible ever. However in the early '90s that statement was ratified by the re-introduction of the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible.

The movie car for the most part is a bone stock 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale. The exterior color is Horizon Blue with a white accent strip. The interior is a white vinyl with a white convertible top. The production numbers for 350 V8 Delta 88s were much higher than other engine displacement options. More than likely the motor in this car is a 350 V8.

Final Thoughts

Not to ruin the movie for ya. But as with most hollywood cars, this one gets semi-trashed. There is major damage to the drivers front fender and door. I did see a scene where the drivers front hub cap falls off, only to reappear moments later and disappear again later. Gotta love how hub caps do that in films. The car was a perfect match for the character and the scenery. It fits very well with the Atlantic City backdrop. Some people mistake these cars for Cadillacs. Personally if I owned one of these fine automobiles, I would take that as an insult! Well till next time, stay out of trouble and come back for some more On Screen Cars!

References:, Wikipedia, IMDB


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Tommy Boy - 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX

Holy Schnikes, On Screen Cars is featuring the Plymouth Belvedere GTX from Tommy Boy! We could only hope that Chris Farley would have reacted that way to this post. We'll do our best to honor his memory. But let's talk about the car! If you've seen the movie Tommy Boy, you would agree that it deserves mention on this site. The two main characters are seen in the car through out most of the film. For the benefit of those who have not seen the film, I will offer a short spoiler-free summary.

Movie Summary

Tommy Callahan Jr. (played by Chris Farley) has just finished college and returns home to Ohio to work at his father's automotive parts manufacturing plant, Callahan Auto. Shortly after Tommy returns home his dad Tom Sr. gives some news that he will be getting re-married to a younger lady (who happens to be a gold digger). The wedding takes place with tragedy striking as Big Tom Callahan Sr. dies during the reception. The company is in jeopardy and Tommy Boy decides to hit the road with his buddy Richard (David Spade) in the GTX to see if they can save the company from going under. That's about the extent I can go without spoiling the movie.

Don't forget there's more.

Looking for the movie? You can find it in our store!

This is probably the last scene where the Cragar SS wheels are still looking good. In this scene Tommy was trying to get the drivers door shut after bending it backwards.

Early in the movie, Richard says "I dropped in a 440 Magnum with a six-pack." I hate to burst Richard's bubble, but in the clip above you can that the engine has an air-cleaner for a single four barrel, 440 Commando. After looking at a real 440 Six Pack breather you can see the difference. The engine is also a "Commando" and not a "Magnum." Keep in mind that these cars came stock with either a 440 Super Commando or optional 426 Hemi. It's not completely Hollywood's fault. It's possible that multiple cars were used. The un-damaged version of the car could have a non-stock 440 Magnum with a Six Pack.

The missing door was replaced with a child safety gate, like the one seen here.

The door was later replaced by a piece of card board. You can also see that the convertible top has been replaced with a blue tarp.

That over pass reminds of the Blues Brothers.

Final Thoughts

Tommy Boy is one of the funniest Chris Farley movies of all time. Farley and Spade always come through in every film they're in together. Far as the car factor goes, I'd have to say it's a ten. It's not popular as a car movie. But I think it diffidently qualifies as one. One last interesting fact before we sign off. This isn't the last movie David Spade drives a 1967 Plymouth GTX. Mater of fact, Spade drives one later in Joe Dirt. Don't worry, On Screen Cars will be bringing that car movie as well! See ya next time.

Reference: IMDB, YouTube (Trailer), Wikipedia (GTX)


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