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eBay Finds - In Time - 1972 Dodge Challenger Police Car

Stumbling around on eBay this morning and found another movie car in the listings. This time it's one of the five 1972 Dodge Challengers used in the production of In Time. You may remember our previous post talking about the trailer for the movie. From auction details I've learned that this car is one of three close-up cars. The close-up cars were not used in stunts. Some collectors find them more desirable because they have been used hard and generally have more screen time. Now for the details. The car itself is a 1972 Dodge Challenger with a 440 V8 big block backed up by an automatic transmission. From the photo below you can see that engine compartment is very clean. If you look closely in the pictures you can spot a pistol-grip shifter. The pistol-grip only comes on a 4-speed manual. One of the stunt vehicles is a stick. For consistency the producers had the shifters retro-fitted for the automatic vehicles as well. The grill, tail panels and wheels are completely custom for this car. The interior is signed by the builder. Of course it wouldn't be a police car without lights. This car will be on the auction block for some time. As of this writing it had 18 days to go with bidding at $28,990.00. That's all for now.

eBay Find - Car Warriors - F Bomb - 1970 Volkswagen Beetle

eBay Speed Spotted an On Screen Car on eBay today. You may remember the custom Beetle episode from the first season of Car Warriors. During that episode both teams (The All-stars vs Wheels Garage) started out with two bone-stock Volkswagen Beetles and came up with some interesting concepts. One of those designs by the All Stars was a single seat chopped down fashion of a Bettle. Other wise known as F Bomb. Well now it's for sell. Looks like the asking price is $12,500. The car is set for a fix priced no bidding. Under the hood a 4-banger 2335cc VW motor headed up with a stick. Auction Details: "Two teams. 72 Hours. Best one wins. That is what we have for sale here. The famous show "Car Warriors" featured on The Speed Channel pits two teams against each other - Winner take all! During the first season, one of the shows featured each team designing and building its own concept of a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle. What resulted is what you see here.... The F-Bomb and the purple and white convertible. This auction is for the burgandy and silver F-Bomb only. It features a 2335cc motor and is very fast. It does not have side windows or windshield wipers so this is a car for nice days only. Between the two cars this one was declared the winner. If you have been looking for a modified Volkswagen Bug then look no further! This car will bring all the attention and awards you can handle." But I have a real treat for you guys. It looks like the full episode is available on hulu. Thanks to their embed feature you can see it in full below. You can see this ride being built from the ground up. Bug'n out for now. Enjoy the show see ya later.

eBay Find - 2010 Kevin Morgan Trans Am - Custom 2010 Chevrolet Camaro

Just received word from car designer Kevin Morgan that his personal 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Custom Trans Am (#0008) is now up on eBay! If you're not up to speed on Kevin's designs please refer to our previous post about them. They are out of this world! Kevin had the vision of bringing back the Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am we know and all love. But as you may know Pontiac has been shutdown. But who says you can't make a Trans Am out of a Camaro? Trans Am Depot has been doing these Kevin Morgan conversions for quite sometime. You can either buy a late model Camaro and get in line or get this car today. Check out the details below. Standard Trans Am Conversion (Base Pkg.) 1. Eibach Pro-Kit #38144.140 - 1" Lowering Springs 2. Eibach Anti-Roll Kit #38144.320 - Anti-Roll Sway Bars 3. KM Forged T6 - 6061 Machined Faced Snowflake Wheels 20"x10" Front 4. KM Forged T6 - 6061 Machined Faced Snowflake Wheels 20"x11" Rear 5. Perelli Pzero 275/40/ZR20 - Front Tires – Front 6. Perelli Pzero 315/35/ZR20 - Rear Tires – Rear 7. New RTM-OEM Style Trans Am Hood 8. Functional Air Intake Shaker Scoop 9. Integrated, Hand Molded Fender Air Extractors 10. Restyled Bumper Cover Fascia Front 11. Restyled Bumper Cover Fascia Rear 12. Rear Spoiler 13. Side Ground Effects Pkg. 14. Rerouted Exhaust w/Side Exit Splitter Tips 15. Xenon HID Head Lamps 16. LED Custom Turn Signal 17. Custom TA Graphics Pkg. 18. Custom KM TA Numbered Edition Badge Pkg. 19. Custom Sill Plates 20. Embroidered Head Rest 21. Custom "Turned Aluminum" Dash and Door Panel Inserts
Own a piece of history! Those of you who recognize the origin of the iconic snowflake wheel, shaker scoop and TA 6.6 insignia, no doubt remember what started it all….. “Smokey and the Bandit”. Who knew in 1977, the year the movie Smoky and the Bandit released, that a five year old boy entering the first grade in Canton, PA would one day provide the inspiration to keep the Trans Am namesake alive. Now, 35yr. later, the once first grader is chief designer for Trans Am Depot, makers of the exclusively licensed 2012 Trans Am. The team of Morgan and the Depot have also released a 2012 GTO, ’69 style Trans Am, '70 442 and many other of the hottest retro muscle cars to prowl the American streets in recent memory. These and other Morgan designs have been featured on Discovery Channel’s American Choppers, Hot Rod, High Performance Pontiac, Pontiac Enthusiast’s and more. Now, you can own one of designer, Kevin Morgan’s 2010 Trans Am’s from his personal collection. Morgan is releasing car #8 to the public. This is only the second time that a new styled and licensed Trans Am has made it to the secondary market. The first one sold in excess of $115k. There is currently a two month waiting list just to get on the schedule to have one of these cars built. Spring is muscle car weather and you don’t want to miss this year’s opportunity to “show and shine”. As the saying goes…. “Enjoy life, you only live once”.

eBay Find - Fan Created Rides - Ghostbusters ECTO-1C - 1991 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon

Thinking about getting into Ghostbust'n? Well there's no better way to break into the hobby than with a Fan Created Ride. Which not to mention happens to be on eBay! That's right the Twin Cities Ghostbusters have decided to retire their 1991 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon known as ECTO-1C. The crew put this tribute together in 1991 to serve as their Ghostbust'n rig. Since then it has been featured in a number of parades and events. But the best is yet to come. Yes believe it or not this is an OnScreenCar! The Twin Cities Ghostbusters have their own successful web series called Ghostbust'n 911. The series inspired by the show COPS gives viewers a first hand view of the art of dealing with the unwanted paranormal pest. On to the car! This cruiser has approx 125k miles on it. Under the hood rest the Chevrolet 5.0-305 V8 (L03). Engine runs well and is reliable. The hood itself has been graced with the signatures of Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd, two of the original Ghostbusters. The roof its loaded with a heavy duty rack with all the equipment needed for bust'n. Not to mention two large LED ticker panels just like that of the ECTO-1A. Note that most of the design is based from the ECTO-1A. Impress your friends with the light bars by remotely activating them with a keyfob (very neat). Behind the rear seat is a custom built rack for storing your proton packs. Everything is constructed in such a way that there are no concerns about stuff falling off at highway speed. The push bar guard on the front may come in handy was well. At the time of this writing the car has 4 days remaining with a current bid of $1050 with a reserve. I hope to see someone take this machine home. I'm sure it will be a hit for Halloween! Heck why not at you're local Christmas parade too? Till next time, remember We're Ready to Believe You!

eBay Find - Putsch Racing – Jet Turbine Powered Batmobile

Casey Putsch has done it again! This time his prized Jet Turbine Powered Batmobile is for sale! The car mentioned in an earlier 'Fan Created Ride' post is now on the auction block over at eBay. At the time of writing the car sits at $620,000.00 with 16 offers. Casey went on to write on his blog about the fame the car has caught and that it must be time to move on. I love his quote “Replica? I think the movie cars were replicas of this!” It sure is. Any On Screen Car fans got deep pockets? If you happen to read this later and own the car. Please let us know!
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