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Twilight Bella's Truck - 1950's or 1960's Chevrolet Truck?

Above is a picture of Bella's truck from the popular book/movie Twilight. Over the last few months, I've seen the same question pop-up all over the net. "What year is Bella's truck?" Well there are two responses to this question. If you've read the book, your answer will be a "1953 Chevrolet Truck." However if you've seen the movie and you know your vintage Chevrolet trucks like I do, your answer would be a "1963 Chevrolet Truck." Both answers are correct in their own right. Stephanie's Description I've not read the books. I know, shame on me for posting an article about Twilight without having read the books. But I have seen the first movie. However, I did manage to read a short passage where Stephanie Meyer describes Bella's truck. I think it's a very fitting description for both trucks featured in the book and the movie. Excerpt below. "There, parked on the street in front of the house that never changed, was my new - well, new to me - truck. It was a faded red color, with big, rounded fenders and a bulbous cab. To my intense surprise, I loved it. I didnít know if it would run, but I could see myself in it. Plus, it was one of those solid iron affairs that never gets damaged - the kind you see at the scene of an accident, paint unscratched, surrounded by the pieces of the foreign car it had destroyed." I love the part about "...pieces of the foreign car it had destroyed." Both of these trucks are built like a tank. A modern foreign car wouldn't have a chance against either of these monsters. Can You Spot the Difference? [gallery columns="2"] I know, everyone isn't a car nut like me. But I've seen pictures of the truck from the movie, posted several times by fans with the caption "1953 Chevrolet Truck." I don't expect everyone to know the differences. But side by side, it's easier to see the difference between a 1953 and a 1963 Chevrolet Truck. Do you agree? I could go on and on about the technical differences. But at glance you can see that these trucks are from different time periods. For example starting with the fenders on the 1953 version. They're big, fat and round like bubble. The hood, grill and bumpers are oversize and over exaggerated with curves. The windshield is two piece glass. There is a wealth of chrome and flare. However on the 1963 truck, things are a little more down to earth and business like. There are more crisp and straight lines. The hood is flat and long. The overall shape is more rectangle like and has more of a wider stance. There is a lot less chrome too. I think both are works of art. So, Twilight fans, next time someone asks "What year is Bella's truck?" What are you going to say? My advice is to say "It depends on if you're talking about the movie or the book." I'm sure you guys are excited about the next movie. I know I'll end up watching it, even if for nothing else but the On Screen Cars! Reference: IMDB, TwilightersAnonymous.com, Texarkana Gazette, StephenieMeyer.com