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Volkswagen Jetta - Synchronicity Commercial

The commercial clip above kinda caught my eye as I was reading this post on I do recall seeing this commercial during the late-80s. Note the passenger popping in a cassette-tape! But anyways at the time this commercial won some awards within the advertising community. I can see why. They cleverly synced the motions to the music in the background. The references this video because some interesting folks are experimenting with syncing windshield wipers to music! Very interesting. Sorry this is all I have for the moment. We've been very busy tending to a recent family emergency.

Our Super Bowl XLVI Ad Picks

We're a few days late. But after reviewing the ads. We've come up with our top Super Bowl XLVI car ads! Chevrolet really got into some hot water over this one. Directly attacking another competitor is a always a no no. I'm not sure if the commercial is still being aired or if it's being aired edited. But let's just remember they did say "he didn't make it..he drives a Ford." Retro throw backs commercials are always good. There were a lot of great references to the original movie. I was a little disappointed that they didn't bring back more of the cast. I was looking forward to Ben Stein saying "Bueller..Bueller.." I just wish Honda had a little bit hotter car to use. Ah it's marketing they're trying to move a product. However the scene where the guy jumps the CRV is hilarious! Ya it's a pretty good idea to start losing weight when you can't fit through the door. Cute dog commercial / story. But not a lot was said about the car. But then again it speaks for itself. But I like the new Volkswagen Beetle. It's a little more curvy and a lot sporter than previous models. I think Chrysler is really tugging on the heartstrings of a America here. A lot of pathos going on here. They're talking about current events, state of the union. A very similar patriotic ploy to last year's Challenger commercial. But this time they brought in the big guns. Clint Eastwood made my day. No-pun intended.

Our Super Bowl 2011 Car Commercial Pick

Now for On Screen Car's Super Bowl 2011 Car Commercial Top Pick. The winner is: Miss Evelyn Chevrolet Camaro! Ok, we like a lot of the super bowl commercials this year. However they just were not as funny or clever as usual. But of the car commercials we liked this one the best. We felt it was the most original of the car commercials shown. It does leave you wondering a little bit. What does this have to do with the Super Bowl? Well it really doesn't. It's just two guys talking about making a good car commercial. Choosing the car, the scene and the driver. Car chase, followed by the lady driving it off a building (a little odd). But all ends well. The driver turns out to be a teacher. All teachers should drive Camaros right? Throw in the specs for the SS model at the end. Leaving me with the words of Tim the Tool Man Taylor, araff araff araff (however ya spell it) more power!. Count'm 426 horses! There ya have it our pick of the bowl.

1984 General Motors Commercial

Above is a commercial produced by General Motors in the early '80s. GM was really pushing "high-tech" in those days. Promoting features like digital dashes and on-board computer diagnostics. Well we can say that on-board computer diagnostics are here to stay. But not many cars use digital gauges. Just seems that it never caught on. But I do remember my brother telling me stories about freaking out the girls when changing the speedo readout from a MPH to KPH. You do the math but 65 looks more like a 100. But hey, it looked cool at 88 miles per hour right?

2005 Ford Mustang Commercial - Steve McQueen

For those who may have missed one of the greatest Ford Mustang commercials of all time. I've embedded a copy from YouTube. I know it might be a few years late. Especially for late Steve McQueen, whom passed a way in 1980. Using similar techniques used the in the movie Forest Gump, McQueen seems very much alive in this clip. Field of Dreams The premise of the clip is based on the popular movie Field of Dreams. Just like in Field of Dreams, a guy is over looking a cornfields with the notion "If you build it, they we come." Quickly a path is cut through the fields and a race track is paved. However instead of bringing back famous Baseball legends, McQueen came out to race a new 2005 Mustang GT. Clips from the movie Bullitt were used to recreate McQueens likeness. Final Thoughts As Babe Ruth (fictional quote) said in the movie Sandlot "Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong. " Legends never die here at! See ya next time!
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