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Interview with Jimmy Shine - Car Warriors Prize Pack

Car Warriors' host Jimmy Shine takes a few minutes to tell fans about his passion for cars. Watch the exclusive clip above. See his response to "What car would you customize if you could customize any car?" This special clip is brought to us by Speed Channel's Car Warriors. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night (Friday Feb. 24th) for the season 2 preview. As you may know we're hosting a Watch-Twitter-Win event on our Twitter page (@onscreencars). Besure to tune in! You might be a lucky winner of the prize pack below!

Season 2 - Speed Channel's Car Warriors - Friday 2/24 10PM EST

Sweat, blood and tears are about to fly as a new season of Speed Channel's Car Warrior previews Friday 2/24 at 10PM EST. Two teams from different backgrounds will come together head to head to build two custom cars in just 48 hours (previously 72 hours). New host Jimmy Shine will be the ultimate judge as to who wins. The first episode will feature two early 70s Chevrolet Camaros. If you're not completely up to speed on Car Warriors be sure to check our article about the show from last season. But please come back. We've got some exciting news about the premiere! On Screen Cars will be hosting a special event during the preview! There's a very simple procedure to follow to be entered into the contest. As you watch the premiere keep an eye our Twitter feed (@onscreencars). We'll be posting up trivia questions throughout the show. If questions are replied to (don't forget our tag @onscreencars) and answered correctly you will be entered for a chance to win a Car Warrior's Prize Pack! Simple right? We'll see. Yours truly will have the questions ready for you! Be sure to spread the word. We're all excited to be chosen for this opportunity!

Bubba Watson - Dukes of Hazzard - General Lee 1

From Twitter @bubbawatson It's not everyday that someone gets to realize a dream. But thanks to the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction this past weekend and $110,000. Pro Golfer Bubba Watson got to realize his childhood dream of owning a real Dukes of Hazzard General Lee 1969 Dodge Charger. Now some say if you're gonna dream, you might as well dream big. This is where the story gets better. Not only is the car a real Charger used in the show. It is the very first General Lee! Otherwise known to fans as "LEE1." You may recall our article on the famous LEE1. It's worth a look! Find out why this Charger is so special! But after you head over there. Be sure to come back and checkout the video from Speed of the car being auctioned off. Bubba is nervous and nearly shaking as he works with auction officials to secure his bid. Thumbs up to Watson for keeping his cool! Don't forget to keep your cool and be sure to like us on Facebook for more On Screen Cars action!

Bond In Motion - Beaulieu, England

Bond. James Bond. The famous introduction of the spy everyone loves and adores. It's hard to believe that Mr. Bond has been gracing audiences on the silver screen for over 50 years. First Bond actor Sean Connery played the character in the 1962 classic Dr. No. The National Auto Museum in Beaulieu England is commemorating the event with a gallery of cars called "Bond In Motion." The display includes official movie vehicles used in the films. It is stated to be the largest James Bond vehicle collection ever displayed. Vehicles include everything from cars, boats to sleds. "Alongside the most famous vehicles like the Aston Martin DB5 and the Lotus Esprit S1, there is a host of treasures dating back to From Russia With Love including the elegant Fairey Huntress Speedboat, Goldfinger’s 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III, the buzzing autogyro from You Only Live Twice and Octopussy’s screeching Acrostar Jet alongside cars, bikes, trikes, sleds and boats." -- General admission includes access to the exhibition. Can't make it the event? Well you can still see some of the vehicles on their website. The museum did an excellent job collecting images and providing readers with some interesting facts about each vehicle in the gallery.

Event - Barrett Jackson Auction - Las Vegas 2010 - Sept. 2010

Looking for a great way to spend the weekend? Let me correct myself. Car nuts are you looking for a great way to spend the weekend? This weekend Barrett Jackson fires up it's auction floor in Las Vegas! The famous auction company will put on their annual charity auto auction event Sept. 23th - 25th. After looking through the line up, I've spotted a few interesting rides for our community. None claim to be tv/movie cars. But there are several clones and special edition cars of interest. Including two 1981 Delorean DMC-12s, one with an after-market turbo conversion. Several Bandit Edition Trans Ams. Not to mention one Trans Am with the Year One package. A replica of the famous 1957 Chevrolet 150 "Black Widow" NASCAR Sedan will be auctioned at no reserve. If you're looking for something to do while watching, Revell produced a great model kit of the Black Widow not long ago. Granted once your car has been on Barrett Jackson isn't it an On Screen Car? It would be an honor to own anything that's been driven across that auction floor. Now just because you can't be there. Doesn't mean you can't watch it on tv. Not to mention they now on live streaming of the shows (also on Speed Online). Going once, going twice... I'm outta here.
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