License Plate - A113

A113 is found through out many animated shows and movies. But what does it mean? A1-13 is actually a reference to a classroom at California Institute of Arts. Graduates pay tribute to their alma mater by inserting 'A113' into their work wherever they can. It's a way of honoring their school and teachers. For example: Can't think of a name for a fictional product? Need a license plate number? Insert A113. Check out some of the examples of A113 license plates below. Keep your eye out for the plate while watching animated film and shows. This trend is started to pop up in films too. You'll never know where it might popup next.

Toy Story

Lilo and Stitch

Cars - Mater

American Dad

Finding Dory

Big City Greens - A114?


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License Plate Spotting - National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Happy Holidays folks! What a better way to kick off the holidays here at On Screen Cars with a little bit of License Plate Spotting. Over the next few posts we'll be bringing you clippings from your favorite holiday tv and movie cars. You'll be sure to impress your friends with your new found trivia thanks to! To kick us off I've decided to start with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

T3H-762 - Ah the old front-wheel drive sleigh. A fan of John Hughes movies would know that often his movies feature cars with license plates that reference other films he wrote. For example the car the main character's mom drove in Ferris Bueller's Day Off had a license plate that read "VCTN" for National Lampoon's Vacation.

T3H-762 - Though I can't make any connections with this plate. Let try this. Nothing interesting.

597-8D4 - "Clark! I don't want to spend the Holidays dead!" How about this one? Nota.

597-8D4 - However Google found that it's an html color hex code (#5978D4 for you nerds like me) for the a nice shade of blue. What redneck truck would be complete without those mud-flap nudes? That's some classy stuff!

I can't seem to find a license plate number for Eddy's RV. If anyone comes across it let me know what part of the movie it's in and I'll snag it! My friend Branden pointed out that knowing Eddy owned the RV more than likely it doesn't have tags. If you think of any wild connections please email us through our contact page. We'll see ya later this week with another holiday tag. Merry Christmas and remember keep your tank pump'd out!

Would like to thank the folks over at ACME License Plate Maker for creating this awesome tool for making license plate images.


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