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Cruze Mobile - Blues Mobile

GM decided to celebrate a little bit by creating a tribute to the Blues Brothers. A special edition Chevy Cruze was decked out like the classic Dodge Monaco Police Cruser used in the movie. Note the small bull horn on top, more than likely to scale, considering the size of the Chevrolet Cruze. The crew featured to jazz guys who called themselves the Cruze Brothers. Their mission from God was a one of a kind party at the Ace Café just outside London. So what are they celebrating? Well it's Chevrolet 100th year. See ya next time. Source: Firefox Browser Persona

Listen up fans! We've just created and uploaded our own Firefox Browser Persona. You can now skin your Firefox browser with our logo! Show your friends and co-workers your love for! It's very easy to do. Just click the link below and click "wear" on the preview image. Then boom your browser will have our skin on the top! Keep in mind, you must have latest version of Firefox or an older version with the Persona plugin. Thanks for supporting our site. We're growing by the day. I'm working on some new exciting content daily! Come back for more!

Now Open: On Screen Cars Forums!

I thought I would throw up this quick note to let everyone know that discussion forums are now open on the site. We're using a package called phpBB. It's very easy to get started with the forums. Registration is open to everyone. Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation notice in your email. In that email there is a link, click the link to verify your email address. Be sure to include your real email address in your registration information. Feel free to jump on in and start discussing On Screen Cars! Click here for the forums: Forums

Welcome to On Screen Cars!

This is the first of many posts to come, here on On Screen Cars. I would like to take a minute to explain how the idea for this blog came about. Hi I'm Matt, the primary author of this blog and confirmed car nut. I've been around cars my whole life. My brother owned an automotive repair shop while I was in high school. I spent many weekends working at the shop and learning the tricks of the trade. When I was younger, I watched him restore a 1967 Chevelle Malibu. All the while, I admired cars on television, in moves, and in video games. Not to mention some of the stars who drove those cars. I'm not sure how old I was when I saw my first car movie or television show. But I'm pretty sure I was drooling in front of the screen. To boot, I wouldn't be surprised if, while watching, I was assembling model kits or building LEGO machines. As time goes on, you'll begin to understand my passion about these On Screen Cars. I hope my level of automotive enthusiasm inspires you in a positive way. Feel free to comment on any of our posts. I promise to be as opened minded as possible. Thanks for swinging by. - Matt