Holy Smokes Batman, It's The Original Bat Cave!

Batcave. Batcave. Batcaveee. Ever wonder where the site of the original Batcave is? I came across a video by Youtuber: Spa Guy that solves that riddle. According to the video the cave is located in Hollywood California, not far form the famous sign overlooking the city. Not a big surprise given most of the show was shot in the Hollywood area. After doing some research, I've discovered the cave is actually a man made tunnel. The Bronson Cave tunnel as it's refereed to now was dug by the Union Rock Company in the early 1900s. Despite it's appearance on screen, it's only about 50ft long and barely wide enough for a car. Clever use of props and camera angles gave viewers the illusion the cave was much bigger than it is. Looking at some of the pictures now. It's hard to imagine that the big honking Ford Futura made it through! I would have been a nervous George Barris, watching my creation squeeze it's way out. If you would like more information on how to get to the cave or the park check out Hikespeak. Sounds like a fun hike and adventure. See you next time, same bat channel, same bat time!


Categories: Batman, Filming Locations, George Barris

Tags: 1966, batman


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