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Gift Ideas - Knight Rider Scanner Bar

Remember watching Knight Rider as a kid and being in awe of the red flashing scanner on KITT? Now you or your favorite On Screen Car fan can have a Knight Rider Scanner Bar. Today's Gift Idea is a kit to add the functionality to your car. The kit comes with a 22 inch bar with 48 RGB LEDs. The advantage of the RGB LEDs is the fact they can produce seven different colors. So say you wanted your car too look more like KARR? All you would have to do is set the color using the included remote. What's interesting is this has several light patterns including the classic scanner. You could even make this your third brake light. Imagine how cool that would be? The possibilities are endless. Now for the disclaimer. Please keep in mind that lights like these are not legal everywhere. Some states would only allow this product off-road, show environments or not at all. Be sure to check with your local government for restrictions. Is kit is not sold by and we are not responsible for it. Check out some of our other Knight Rider goodies. See ya next time.

Gift Ideas - Back to the Future: Part II: Marty McFly Cap Replica

How about something for less than 20 bucks? Stocking stuffer? Every Back to the Future fan should have a Marty McFly replica cap. Athough I'm still waiting on mine. Someone has yet to get me one. lol. Hey isn't 2015 just around the corner? According to the movie this should be in style right? Still waiting on the flying cars. Oh well. There's some other great Amazon - Back to the Future goodies below as well. See ya next time. Remember the future is what you make it. So make it a good one.

Gift Ideas - TV and Movie Car T-Shirts

Still not sure what to get for your gearhead or On Screen Cars fan? How about a t-shirt? I found a number of great t-shirts on Amazon. Everything from The General Lee to the Mad Max Interceptor. Below are a few examples. I would be proud to own pretty much anything on this list. Hehe hint hint for those looking for something for me this Christmas. [gallery link="file"]

Gift Ideas - FIAMM 66053 Dixie Land - 5 Trumpets

Got a Dukes of Hazzard fan on your list? FIAMM 66053 Dixie Land - 5 Trumpets might just be the thing. A trumpet array complete with air compressor to blast out those famous 12 notes of Dixie. One step closer to being the Dukes! This kit includes everything you need far as hardware. However from the comments on Amazon. Additional materials such as extra wire and tubing may be required. Not all cars or applications would fit the specs of the kit. Several of the commenters say this is one of the best trumpet kids available on the market. Comments on other products I looked at claim failure within in weeks. One common problem I see is the air compressor doesn't do well with cold weather. Might be a good idea to mount your compressor in such a way that it's removable. Disclaimer: I would imagine that this horn may not be legal in all states. Might be a good idea to check with your local authorities. Neighbors may not like it either. This kit does require some electrical knowledge to install. If you're not a pro, find someone who is. We don't wanta anyone to get hurt. On Screen Cars assumes no responsibility for recommending this product. However if you do end up purchasing this please send us your pictures or video! Might just end up on our "Fan Created Rides" list. Let's paint it orange!

Gift Ideas - 1977 Pontiac® Trans Am™ Special Edition Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

Fans I hope you've got your ears on. Here's another great gift idea. Any Smokey and the Bandit fan would love to have this ornament on their tree this year. I will say it's not an official Smokey and the Bandit licensed product. But it is a Special Edition version of the car. Or as some folks refer to it as "The Bandit Edition." This the 22nd piece of Hallmark's Classic American Cars Series. For the last 22 years Hallmark has been producing a different car each year. They're quite the collectors item. Here's your chance to own a piece of the collection. My wife and I have enjoyed collecting them for years. Gett'm before they're gone! Over and out!
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