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The Wonder Years - 1968 Dodge Polara Wagon

Buying a new car as an adult is a battle between buyer and salesperson. But to a kid, it seems like a mere simple exchange of paper work and keys. At least that's what Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years thought. The third season, episode three of The Wonder Years takes place in late 1969. As entitled "The Family Car" the family maintains a constant struggle with their car. It's become unreliable and not to mention ugly to Kevin. The rest of the neighborhood seemed to all be getting new cars but the Arnolds. Jack Arnold is having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that he will have to part with the family car in favor of a new one. However the rest of the family is eager to move on. After a few trips to the dealership and spare parts later. They end up with a new car. However they part ways with the old one via the scrap yard. So what's wrong with this picture? Well for starters the year is 1969. Kevin kept referring to the old car as a "nine-year-old" car. However in fact the car is just barely a year old, a 1968 Dodge Polara Wagon at that. But it even gets better yet. The "For Sale" signs on the car state it's a 1963 model. The math still isn't quite right yet. But what tops it off are the images of young Kevin riding around in the car when it was new. I hate to burst your bubble but that's not a 1960 model car. But then again, it's a tv show. As we've talked about before. There are countless mistakes by hollywood and television in regard to automobiles. Does it take away from the show? Not a bit. The average joe wouldn't have paid attention to this minor detail. But OnScreenCars.com did. Hey we're not complete jerks. We love this story. Final Thoughts It's very easy to put yourself in Kevin's shoes. We were all that age once. It's a interesting time where you think everyone is looking at you. Things like clothes, cars and well everything seems to matter. It's sad. But when I was watching this show as a kid, I put myself in Kevin Arnold's shoes. He was kid going through some of things all kids go through. Changing cars and growing up is all part of life. Till next time keep your wagons rolling! We'll see ya next time here at OnScreenCars.com!

Gorillaz - Stylo - Chevrolet Muscle Cars

Just this last week, Gorillaz released a new music video featuring some cool muscle cars. Not to mention a surprising special guest. The new video is to help promote their upcoming album, Plastic Beach. For those who are not familiar with Gorillaz, let me give you a short introduction. Gorillaz are a virtual band created after comic book series Tank Girl. It's members are Russel, 2D, Murdoc and Noddle. The actual musical performers vary from song to song. It's a very interesting concept to say the least. But enough about the band. Let's talk about the video. Each Gorillaz video tells a part in a never ending story. I'm not currently up to date with what's going on in the story, other than the fact their escaping to an island. But this video starts out with the gang racing through the desert in a 1969 Camaro SS. They're being chased down by a cop in hot pursuit. Noodle-bot manages to shoot at the cop till the cop runs off the road and crashes through a billboard (very Dukes of Hazzard like). Things are fine for the moment, till they pass Bruce Wills in a 1968 El Camino. Bruce Willis starts chasing down the group and tries to gun them down. He successfully shoots out the back window and driver side mirror. The chase goes on as Bruce's El Camino pushes Murdoc harder. Some nitrous effects are used and they escape only for Bruce Willis to catch up again later. The chase ends with the crew running off a cliff into the water, where the car turns into a shark. Let's talk about the cars! The Cars The Camaro is badged on the tail panel as an 1969 Camaro SS, painted black with a white vinyl top. The front emblem was replaced with a "Stylo" emblem. There's a star on the door with the bullet holes and rub marks, very rough looking. It's got the factory rally wheels with center caps. If it's a true Camaro SS, it should have either 396 V8 or a 350 V8 engine under the hood. It's debatable if the blower scoop is functional or if it's just there for looks. The scoop is sitting on top of a cowl induction hood. It looks kinda out of place. One last note, the Camaro front-fender scripts appear and disappear throughout the video. Do you think two cars were used? The El Camino is a 1968 model (non-SS). The paint color resembles candy apple red. The wheels look like American Racing 200S, classic style. I found something a little confusing with the shifter. In one part of the clip, Bruce reaches down to grab floor shifter knob. If you look up at the steering wheel, you can see a column shifter as well. Is the floor shifter a fake or was the column shifter just left for nostalgia? If you look closely, the column shifter appears to be in the park position. Just a interesting note. Engine size? The car is badged as a 327 small block chevy (note the close up near the end of the video). Final Thoughts Two words. Mind Blowing. There is a lot of stuff going on here. I thought it was a great video. The video has a Mad Max kind of theme going on. The new album will be released soon, you can pre-order through our store! The cars are awesome. It's not that often that you see classic muscle cars in music videos anymore. Not exactly sure what the song is talking about. I've read different explanations on the web. Some say love, some say death and some say it's about the car. I think we're all left to interpret the meaning for ourselves. Question, is it just me, or do you guys think the video producers like classic Chevrolet cars? Would a Mako Corvette be a closer match for imagery of the car turning into a shark? Comment your thoughts as we work on our next post. On Screen Car will keep ya posted on On Screen Car happenings. See ya next time!