To Be Restored - Back to the Future Delorean - Bob Gale

Anything left to sit and collect dust is never a good situation. Especially when it's a famous movie car. After decades of wowing fans on the Universal Studios Back Lot Tour, the "A" Back to the Future Delorean car is in need of major dose of TLC. As you may know this car was one of the premium cars used in all three films. But don't worry there's hope! According to a recent article over at Bob Gale writer and co-creator of the Back to the Future franchise is heading a project to restore the car to museum quality. Bob has in-listed the skills of BTTF Delorean replica masters Joe Walser, J Ryan and Terry Matalas. We're looking forward to see how these guys make the magic happen. Learn more about the project and how you can help at Remember the FUTURE is what you make it!