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Gift Ideas - Knight Rider Scanner Bar

Remember watching Knight Rider as a kid and being in awe of the red flashing scanner on KITT? Now you or your favorite On Screen Car fan can have a Knight Rider Scanner Bar. Today's Gift Idea is a kit to add the functionality to your car. The kit comes with a 22 inch bar with 48 RGB LEDs. The advantage of the RGB LEDs is the fact they can produce seven different colors. So say you wanted your car too look more like KARR? All you would have to do is set the color using the included remote. What's interesting is this has several light patterns including the classic scanner. You could even make this your third brake light. Imagine how cool that would be? The possibilities are endless. Now for the disclaimer. Please keep in mind that lights like these are not legal everywhere. Some states would only allow this product off-road, show environments or not at all. Be sure to check with your local government for restrictions. Is kit is not sold by OnScreenCars.com and we are not responsible for it. Check out some of our other Knight Rider goodies. See ya next time.