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Fan Created Rides: Jurassic Park – Jeep 18

We had a great response from our first Fan Created Rides piece, Jason Rawley’s ECTO-1X. Shortly after the story ran I was contacted by a number of people to do stories about their cars. One of the first to contact was Kevin Henry of the Denver Ghostbusters. Kevin is also a member of a movie […]

Jurassic Park – 1992 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

If you had dinosaur ranch on a remote island what vehicle would you use to get around? The Jeep Wrangler was Universal’s answer as to the vehicle of choice for Jurassic Park’s staff transportation. You know, the Jeep is perfect for getting up and down through terrain, transporting stolen embryos and running from dinosaurs. At […]

Back to the Future – 1985 Toyota 4×4 Xtra Cab Truck

Since Toyota has been in the news recently with the huge recall on gas pedal assemblies. I thought I would do a quick post about my favorite Toyota Truck ever featured in film, Marty’s 1985 Toyota 4×4 Xtra Cab Truck from the Back to the Future Trilogy. Haven’t seen Back to the Future? You can […]

Varsity Blues – Billy Bob’s Truck – 1973 Chevrolet 4×4 Pickup

Varsity Blues a movie about football, girls, parties and the glory days of high school. Oh yea and trucks! Good ole Billy Bob drove one of the baddest ’73 – ’87 Chevrolet Trucks ever featured in a Hollywood movie. The only thing bigger than Billy Bob’s character was his 1973 Chevrolet 4×4 Truck. It was […]