Season 2 - Speed Channel's Car Warriors - Friday 2/24 10PM EST

Sweat, blood and tears are about to fly as a new season of Speed Channel's Car Warrior previews Friday 2/24 at 10PM EST. Two teams from different backgrounds will come together head to head to build two custom cars in just 48 hours (previously 72 hours). New host Jimmy Shine will be the ultimate judge as to who wins. The first episode will feature two early 70s Chevrolet Camaros. If you're not completely up to speed on Car Warriors be sure to check our article about the show from last season. But please come back. We've got some exciting news about the premiere! On Screen Cars will be hosting a special event during the preview! There's a very simple procedure to follow to be entered into the contest. As you watch the premiere keep an eye our Twitter feed (@onscreencars). We'll be posting up trivia questions throughout the show. If questions are replied to (don't forget our tag @onscreencars) and answered correctly you will be entered for a chance to win a Car Warrior's Prize Pack! Simple right? We'll see. Yours truly will have the questions ready for you! Be sure to spread the word. We're all excited to be chosen for this opportunity!