National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - Station Wagon - 2011 Hallmark Ornament

Alright I know this may be a little early yet for the holidays. But this year Hallmark has released an awesome ornament for us On Screen Cars fans. The famous station wagon from the Good Old Fashioned Griswold Family Christmas! This ornament features what I like to call the modern Family Truckster with the extremely large Christmas Tree on top. Even though this is not an official "Wagon Queen" model it's still a Lampoon mode of transportation. Who can forget that classic opening scene with Clark and his family. They're just driving down the road minding their own business when they get tied up in a series of road rage games. Of course it didn't help when Clark gave the finger to the two rednecks in the Dodge truck either. The battle continued only to end up under a truck hauling timber. Clark quickly pulls the car from under the truck and onto a snow embankment sending it flying through the air. Note to self, we may cover this again as part of a Famous Jumps Holiday Edition (watch the movie and send notes for me). Anyways back to the ornament. This is also one of the Magic type ornaments from Hallmark. My wife and I have several of the Magic series. They're known for playing music or being animated. Sometimes even both. This one happens to play the Christmas Vacation theme song when a button is pressed. You know "...Santa's on his way..." Ah I got that one in your head now didn't I. If you're not sure what song I'm talking about watch the opening credits on the YouTube embed below. I've placed a link for the ornament below as well. However keep in mind two things. These specialty theme ornaments sell out quickly (this is why I'm posting it early). Seconds after the season is over the cost of these ornaments rocket. If you don't believe me, see the link for Cousin Eddie's RV from a few years ago. Till then have fun, stay safe and keep your waste tank clear!