Bewitching Bonanza - 1964 Chevrolet Promo Ad

The shows Bewitched and Bonanza have very few things in common. However they do share one interesting fact. They were both sponsored by automaker Chevrolet. In late 1964, Chevrolet ran a five and half minute promotional ad about their up coming 1965 line up. The promotional featured stars from both Bonanza and Bewitched. Each car was presented by a different star. They featured the details of each new model. What's very interesting is the Chevrolet logo can be seen during the opening credits of Bewitched and Bonanza both. The Bonanza version of the logo features the word "Chevrolet" in a cattle branding iron. I wasn't alive during the original airing of these shows. But I do recall catching reruns of Bewitched on Nick-at-Nite as a kid. Thanks to the TheBewitchedCollector on YouTube for sharing this video! Catch ya next time! Reference: