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eBay Find – Monster Garage – Volkswagen Beetle Swamp Buggy

Gotta monster of a eBay Find for you readers this week. The Monster Garage Volkswagen Beetle Swamp Buggy has been spotted! An Ebay seller from Thurman, OH has listed this one of a kind ride recently at a price of 10K or BO. Nice a bad deal, especially if your looking to wow the folks […]

Monster Garage – Switchblade Lawnmower – 1990 Ford Mustang

Ah summertime chores. Time to bake in the hot sun while pushing a four wheeled cart with a motor and rotating blade. Inching yourself closer to a cold refreshing drink that awaits. What if it could be done easier? Most people would say getting a riding model would do the trick. “Why push when you […]

Monster Garage – Cop Car Doughnut Shop – 1998 Ford Crown Vic

What can pull people over, drive over a 100 miles per hour and make doughnuts all at the same time? The Monster Garage Cop Car Doughnut Shop. If you were a fan a of Monster Garage as I was, you would remember this car from Season Two – Episode 2. In this episode a group […]