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Entries for October, 2012

eBay Find – Car Warriors – F Bomb – 1970 Volkswagen Beetle

eBay Speed Spotted an On Screen Car on eBay today. You may remember the custom Beetle episode from the first season of Car Warriors. During that episode both teams (The All-stars vs Wheels Garage) started out with two bone-stock Volkswagen Beetles and came up with some interesting concepts. One of those designs by the All […]

Ghostbusters Content On Car Town! Build an ECTO-1!

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters of course. Especially if you play the Facebook Game – Car Town. If you haven’t heard of Car Town checkout one of our earlier posts. Otherwise here’s another reason to come back or try it out. After today’s addition to the game. Guest will now have access to the Ghostbuster’s […]

Video Games – Twisted Metal – Meat Wagon

The Twisted Metal franchise is back (for those living under a rock). The lastest release is the first title in over 7 years. But I think it’s well worth the wait. The game has a short but interesting story told through chapters. I have to say it’s defiantly a treat for the adults (sorry kids […]