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Entries for January, 2012

Bubba Watson – Dukes of Hazzard – General Lee 1

From Twitter @bubbawatson It’s not everyday that someone gets to realize a dream. But thanks to the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction this past weekend and $110,000. Pro Golfer Bubba Watson got to realize his childhood dream of owning a real Dukes of Hazzard General Lee 1969 Dodge Charger. Now some say if you’re gonna dream, […]

The Cars of Need for Speed: The Run

I found this interesting video above featuring a quick run down of all the cars from the current Need for Speed. This impressive collection can be unlocked and played with throughout the game. I really like some of the classic domestic muscle featured in the video around 0:25. As much as I like the new […]

Bond In Motion – Beaulieu, England

Bond. James Bond. The famous introduction of the spy everyone loves and adores. It’s hard to believe that Mr. Bond has been gracing audiences on the silver screen for over 50 years. First Bond actor Sean Connery played the character in the 1962 classic Dr. No. The National Auto Museum in Beaulieu England is commemorating […]

LEGO CUUSOO – Back to the Future – Make It Happen!

Great Scott! Could it be? An official Back to the Future LEGO set? We can only hope. But thanks to a wonderful project called CUUSOO sponsored by LEGO it could be. Through CUUSOO’s site LEGO builders can submit their designs to be voted on to become an official sets. CUUSOO user m.togami has graced us […]